1. balcony girls, unused drawing from a recent commission~

    (Source: leahreena)


  2. (Source: leahreena)


  3. My cheese show report as assigned by my neighbor Alex Lake! 


  4. downloadable cat-o-lantern template on the etsy blog today 


  5. This tiger screen print is also brand new. Edition of 50. Buy it here.


  6. New in the shop! Swedish birch tray in the BFF print, edition of 100. Buy it here.


  7. the black cat is now a tattly! buy it here

    (Source: leahreena)


  8. I recently teamed up with Australia-based Hobes to draw this little NYC street scene for the lining of a new Summer shoe. I loved drawing these tiny people so much, I enlarged a few of my favorites in the bottom image so you can see them better!

    This pair also comes in a special linen pouch printed allover with the street scene pattern, and you can buy a pair here.

    (Source: leahreena)


  9. trying to make what i wore to the studio happen again!


    Leah, September 15, 2014


  10. v sad that fall is upon us! here is an ice cream pattern I did earlier this summer.